Getting completed with error when importing user from existing connection to new connection

Hi, I am trying to import user from existing connection SPI to new connection SPF(one application is using this). It shows status of ‘completed(17 errors)<< which shows number of user’.

this is my json file structure(I am showing 2 users only, actually got 17 users)

[{"Id":"auth0|651257756826a5e38b48dae1","Nickname":"ehruniza_92","Name":"","Email":"","Email Verified":true,"Picture":"","Connection":"SPI","Created At":"2023-09-26T04:00:54.052Z","Updated At":"2023-10-11T00:44:01.467Z"},
{"Id":"auth0|6518ff80c71575bb82c78ddd","Nickname":"azlina","Name":"","Email":"","Email Verified":false,"Picture":"","Connection":"SPI","Created At":"2023-10-01T05:11:28.768Z","Updated At":"2023-10-08T12:15:45.487Z"}]

and the error is showing

how can I fix this?..

Hey there @developers9 !

Can you try to edit the email property in your json file to be written with a lower case? (like in the error message)

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