Get the OTP using passwordless multiple times with same email domain

Hello Community,

I am using /passwordless/start endpoint to get the OTP that I will be using in /oauth/token to get the bearer token.

When I use an email with domain that is never used before I get the OTP and then the token using the OTP but when I use an email with a domain that is already used before I get this error : “Company already registered”.

Here is a screen shot of the error.

Thank you !

Hi @said.zakriti ,

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This is the first time I saw this error. I checked your tenant and noticed that you are using Machine-to-Machine application. There are a couple of things I suggest you try and see if this error is repeatable.

  1. as per this article, client_secret is required for Regular Web Application. Could you please remove client_secrete and give it a try?

  2. on the Auth0 Dashboard, Passwordless → Email, click on “Try” and enter an email with a domain already used, check under Monitoring->Logs and see if the same error repeated.

I also noticed that you have opened a Support ticket with us for the same query. Our DSE will reach out to you to help with this error further. Once the ticket is resolved, I will add the solution in this topic. Thank you!

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Hi @lihua.zhang

Thank you so much for your response, After debugging we found that the error is coming from a custom hook in our application.

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Thank you for the updates! Glad to know that you have resolved this issue :+1: