Create passwordless link through the api or several templates

I want to have passwordless links for few different flows.
I see we have a single template for that, so its hard to define several flows.

Can I create a passworless login link through the API, and later give it to my user to click on by myself?

Hi there ,

Thank you for reaching out!

Let me please leave a hint that you can create email templates via the Management API - Auth0 Management API v2 and use the liquid syntax to create context-based customization.

Unfortunately, there is no endpoint for that. The one that initiates the flow results in an Auth0-templated email being sent to the user.

Hope this helps, and please let me know if you have more questions on that.

what is the difference with the API for template creation
the URI for the “passwordless” email template?

anything special there?


In the dashboard, you would find a few places for different email templates, and with the Management API, the experience is unified in a way. Thus, I would say it’s a matter of preference

In both cases, you can use the liquid for context.
I encourage you to test it out with a free account and let us know if you have any questions/issues along the way.


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