Get available clients

I am evaluating auth0 for an application idea.

I have a mobile app where the user would log in via auth0. I want the user to then be presented with some sort of a list of client apps that user can SSO to via their auth0 credentials such that they no longer have to login.

I can render that list using native OS UI, however that list is effectively ‘all registered clients’.

How can i retrieve this list from auth0 as a public logged in user?

The management API scopes i found only talk about managing users/device credentials which does not help me:

Hi @alexz,

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The management API tokens for SPAs are very limited in what information they have access to. Instead, you should access this information from your backend API.

I think you are looking for the connection’s enabled clients. This would indicate which clients the user could have access to via their connection.

Here is the doc that details it:

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