Need help accessing Management API using react-auth0-spa-js

Hello, I’m currently using Auth0 for the first time as part of a small, amateur project. I am designing a React SPA, and have for the most part been following the Quickstart guide:

However, I have been having trouble following the docs/tutorials (primarily this page) for accessing and using the Management API, . Specifically, I have not been able to figure out how to retrieve a Management API Token. Where am I supposed to make the call to /authorize - or update an existing call in order to do this?

I know that I must be making a very simple, fundamental error, but any help would still be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Hi Han.
In general, SPAs can not get a token for the management API v2, unless it’s for one of the scopes that affect the currently logged user (like read:current_user). This is further explained in this document: (the one you linked).

The /authorize request mentioned in the doc is the token request. In a SPA you would probably use something like auth0Client.loginWithPopup(params);, to present a popup for the user interaction (to avoid losing the state of the app).
params would be an object where you’d have at least:

   "scope": "the desired scopes"

remember that an SPA would have the scope limited to those of the currently logged user. If you need more generic access, you’ll need to access it from a backend application that can execute a client-credentials flow to exchange a client ID and client secret for a token (as explained in

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Yeah! It really was that simple. Thanks!


Glad you have it working @Han!

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