Management API ability to get enabled connections for a specific application/client id

Feature: Management API ability to get enabled connections for a specific application/client id

Description: Currently, to my understanding, there is no way to fetch all connections that are enabled for a certain application. You can only fetch all connections or a single connection by ID. You also cannot get a connection and see its enabled applications/clients. However you can patch/update the enabled clients.

Use-case: We have a use-case where we require to heavily customize the login experience, and therefor we are using a custom template built with Auth0.js. It seems we have no way of fetching or accessing the enabled connections from this page. This would be the most ideal. However, even creating a dedicated backend endpoint to call the management API won’t work. There is simply no way to get enabled connections for an application or the other way around (fetch enabled applications for a connection).

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I would very much like this feature as well.

Use-case: An application is registering a new user so it needs to check if the user is covered by an enabled connection so it only adds the user to a username/password database if the user’s email domain is not setup for SSO. Currently the application needs to loop through ALL of the connections to check if the application’s client_id is among the enabled clients and retrieve the email domains to determine if the user is covered by SSO.

By having an API that can be called to return all connections enabled for a specific application (or even better, all email domains from connections enabled for the specific app) it would simplify the process for checking new users, reduce API calls, and reduce the amount of non-applicable data shared with the application (information about connections not enabled for that application).

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