Get an error when trying to login with Auth0 to website


I’m trying to use Auth0 with a website (BookSatck) by following the instructions gave by BookStack to connect this website to Otka via OIDC and I have tried to adapt them for Auth0.

Unfortunately, when users enter their email and password on the Auth0 prompt login (their credentials are registered both in the website and in Auth0) I get an error from the website and get this URL:


Does someone have an idea is about what?

I have read a post on this forum that the problem “can’t find module” could be cause by Nodes of Rules or Action. I had an Action but I deleted it and I have no rules…
So, I don’t understand where is the problem…

So, I found the problem: I’ve changed the NodeJS environment to Node 16 (it was Node 18 by default) and it’s working well now…

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