Generating JWT for integration with third-party API


I am building an application that is using Universal Login for authentication. However, we also need to be able to integrate with other APIs using a JWT.

Maybe I’m confused about Universal Login and what’s happening under the hood, but I’m not quite understanding how to generate a JWT (or capture one that’s already being generated on login).

It feels like my issue is a relatively simple one, so I hope that someone can easily help solve it!



Hi @michael.fitzgerald,

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After successful login you can be returned an ID token and an access token (both can be JWTs). You can use the access token to request resources from APIs, typically API’s you own.

If you need to create a JWT for a third-party API, this would usually be done within your server (if you are actually creating and signing your own JWTs), or they could be requested from the third party auth server by your server after the fact.

If you have more specifics we can dive deeper.

you can be returned an ID token and an access token (both can be JWTs)

I understand, but how and what is suggested? I’ve seen at least three different JS libraries that all seem to sort of do the same thing but I’ve found no indication of which ones are maintained, which is the best, etc.

This project is going to integrate with Stream and Twilio. I’ve been tasked with understanding to what extent we should leverage Auth0’s capabilities to provide us with an authentication JWT for integrating with those platforms.

What framework are you using?

I would recommend checking out our quickstarts. How you get a token will depend on what framework/type of application (SPA, web app, native app, etc) you are using. The guides will typically push you towards the most up-to-date library for each framework. For example, if you are using React, you would choose the auth0-react library and the react quickstart will demonstrate how to get the tokens.

As for the differences in the vanilla JS libraries, take a look at this: Question - auth0-spa-js vs auth0-js · Issue #34 · auth0/auth0-spa-js · GitHub