Gatsby - Domain Option is Required Error

I have attempted to follow the following walk-through twice and continue to get an “Error: Domain Option is Required Error” each time. I’m unsure how to get past this error and unsure if it is a code, environment, or other problem.

Looks like others have had similar issues with this example, which as of right now are going unanswered: Strange Behavior in Browser after login and return · Issue #1 · auth0-blog/gatsby-auth0 · GitHub

Given that Gatsby usage is growing rapidly (I am considering using it for new projects), not having a robust Auth0 example is really turning me off Auth0. I’d really like the Auth0 team to have a look.

Hey there @dvasdekis!

I think it will be best to reach out to the above article author which is @sam.julien, to handle that effectively. It’s always great to provide as much context and details as possible to we have the whole overview of the feedback.

Hi @kevin.grohoske – it sounds like this might be related to your .env configuration. Note that in this file you don’t need quotation marks, so you should have a variable in .env.development like: Let me know if that fixes the issue.

@dvasdekis – thank you for pointing out the GitHub issues. For some reason I have gotten zero notifications on that repo and am just now seeing this. I will for sure take a look and see what’s going on there.