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Domain Option is Required Error

I am trying to deploy Gatsby with Auth0 onto Netlify. However, I get a “Domain Option is required” error as soon as i hit on the home page

I have inputted the environment variables in Netlify as such…


and have also changed Auth0 Applications Settings to…

Allowed Callback URLs, http://localhost:8000/callback

Allowed Web Origins, http://localhost:8000

Allowed Logout URLs, http://localhost:8000

Anyone has experience deploying Gatsby + Auth0 to Netlify and has successfully resolved this issue. Appreciate any help, thanks

Hi @myhendry,

It looks like this error is in regards to the Authentication(options) function of auth0.js.

Specifically, the options param is missing ‘domain’.

Could you post your code where the Authentication client is being initialized with any sensitive data removed?