Future of rules without webtask.io

Hi Auth0 community,

we where happy to evaluate Auth0 in the last days and feel pretty comfortable using that for a large project. Currently we are in the process of finalizing a decision paper.

One major issue for us is the following.

From what I understand, rules are executed on webtask.io. Annonced on webtask.io, this product is going to be discontinued at some point. When we asked a Development Accountant Representative of Auth0 regarding this, she was answering:

  1. 3. Wasn’t aware of webtaskio but checked and we are indeed deprecating that functionality entirely and its end of life will be this year (currently on hold). Clients who were using it have to move their functionality to another FaaS provider such as Lambda, Fusebit etc.

Our question is: what can we expect from Auth0, after webtask.io is shut down? On which level will be rules still managed and which effort will have to be made, to provide an alternative FaaS runtime.

Looking forward to your answer.

Best, Andi

Although the response you got is likely correct in terms of webtask.io, it’s important to note that rules do NOT run within webtask.io. I believe it would be more correct to say that the underlying technology/stack used to execute rules was also made available as a separate concept within webtask.io so that generic tasks (Node.js code) could be deployed and run in webtask.io. However, what you would execute in webtask.io would be completely separate of Auth0 so the need to find another provider only applies to general task that people created and deployed to webtask.io; it does not apply to rules.

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Perfect, thanks for your fast reply. That helps a lot.

Best, Andi

One thing is still unclear to me though. Clicking to an extension UI (Real-time Webtask Logs, Github Integration) leads to a webtask.io URL.

Can we assume, that this will be available managed in the Auth0 scope?

I do agree that the naming in the URL can be confusing, however, the actual hardware/deployments are completely independent. The webtasks that could be added by registering an account in webtask.io (which would be an account independent of Auth0) would be run in completely separate deployments to the ones you can to an Auth0 tenant.

In other words, the webtask service you could signup for directly at webtask.io is indeed being phased out. The use of webtask (the underlying technology) in order to allow you to add code-based extensibility into an Auth0 tenant/account (rules, hooks, etc) is not impacted by the public webtask.io service going away.

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