Forgotten password email - Getting error - User does not contain email address

Has anyone seen this error? I am using a my own email provider, AWS SES. And it works fine using the the try button - both from the Send Test email as well as Change Password Email Template.

The problem happens when I click on the forgot password link on the login page and enter my email address.

That invokes the get user script on my custom database connection, which I can see in the webtask logs returning ok with the user id, but then in the Auth0 Logs, I see User does not contain email address and I get no email.

Please let me know if you need any more info to assist me on this.

I can replicate that exact log entry by implementing a custom database connection where the custom scripts do not return the email attribute as part of the end-user profile, however, to my knowledge the expectation would be that both your login and get user scripts return the user profile including the email attribute. You should update the question with more concrete information about which profile information is returned from the scripts and also if you’re indeed not returning the email attribute expand on the use case/requirement you’re trying to achieve by not returning that information.

Spot on.
That was exactly the problem.
get user script as just returning user id with the expectation that the rest will be picked from the profile data and also that it wouldn’t need to email address that it just passed in but now it looks quite obvious :slight_smile:

Thank you