For FB profiles: "URL signature expired" 403 error

For few (non-recent) of existing logged in users (including me), I am reported off an error in loading the profile image thumbnail if the linked profile picture is url on facebook.

403 URL signature expired

In further probe, I found (unofficial) explanation that for security reasons, publicly accessible FB profile urls do expire. And therefore public profile url needs to be updated in records periodically (even if profile pic is not updated) through fb graph api access.

How con I ask auth0 to update the user picture urls? Is this done everytime they signin again (they rarely do this since the sign-in token is stored in their browser memory)

As it has been more than a few months since this topic was opened, and there has been no reply or further information provided as to the existence of the issue, we are closing this topic. Please don’t hesitate to create a new topic if this issue is still present, we would be happy to work with you to help find a resolution.