Facebook lookaside profile images responding with 404

I’m using the user search v3 api to find the profile image for our platform users. For some reason it seems like the Facebook profile images (typically return as something like “https://lookaside.facebook.com/platform/profilepic/?asid=10156466703533804&width=999999&ext=1526050604&hash=AeTApDbUEg6qrH9S” from auth0) are all return HTTP/404s. Is this an update that needs to happen on the Auth0 side, or is there some workaround that I can put in place?


:wave: @carnun I am not aware of any changes on Auth0’s side that would affect the how the Facebook profile photo URL is returned. How are you currently retrieving the Facebook user profile photo URL?

This may be related to a bug on Facebooks side where they have introduced a change that forces the profile photo to download instead of display when accessed directly.

@kimcodes I actually don’t think that this is a “bug” on Facebook’s side. After digging in the same problem, it turns out that the users who has this 404-ing “picture_url” are actually the ones that have changed their Facebook profile picture.

This is still happening to our users who haven’t changed their profile pic (like myself)

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