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Flutter and Auth0

Thanks a lot for providing that feedback! Just relaying it to appropriate team!

Thanks, Konrad. How close are we to seeing this happen? Is it already in progress or are you still waiting for sufficient demand?

So basically expanding our stack for Go and Flutter is something that we’re currently gathering feedback for. We’ve got input from Twitter and our community forum bo so far it’s closer for Go than for Flutter so we’re still in the phase of looking for more +1 feedback from community for Flutter.

Thanks for the detail. Do you have any timelines in mind for this development or is it open-ended at the moment?

There’s no timeline for this as of now as the primary goal of our SDK team for now is improving auth0-spa-js SDK plus improvind NodeJS based ones however the need for Go and Flutter are growing slowly but steadily so you know. I’ll let you know once we have the details!

Okay, thanks for the honest overview. I’ll proceed with the unofficial implementation and then hopefully we’ll get some good news sometime in the future. :slight_smile:

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Sure will keep you updated!

Another +1 for the Flutter support!

Until then I’ll be sure to give @dev.dennysegura 's repo a test!

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Woooooohoooooo! Let’s get more +1s!


+1 for the Flutter support!

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Thanks a lot! This effort will really pay dividence!

+1 for the flutter support :sparkling_heart:


Thanks a lot for this one @ludwig.leuschner!

+1 for official Flutter support.

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Thanks a lot @christian3!

+1 I would really appreciate official flutter support.

+1 for me as well. I’m learning Flutter and would like to stick with auth0 for authentication

Perfect, love you folks! :smiley: Wit such growth of inputs we should get it really soon! Keep going! :smiley:

+1 here as well, this would help the community alot

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Thank you a lot @eric.bichara!