First login giving "DB Login Custom script: please verify the provided email/username or password."


We have a database connection with lazy migration configured to import users to Auth0. Recently, there was one particular user whose very first login attempt failed with Type Failed Login (wrong password) and Description DB Login Custom script: please verify the provided email/username or password..

Triaged and found that even with the correct password, we are getting this failed login message. Tried searching for existing accounts with the email and username but we didn’t find any. Also tried deleting the user or any shadow user with the solution in Custom DB gives error "please verify the provided email/username or password", but no luck. I’ve tried manually creating the user thru the dashboard and that is successful. But we’re worried that future clients might encounter the same issue.

Any leads on what might have gone wrong? Thanks in advance!

Hi @markcabrera,

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Because this is such a user-specific question I’d be happy to take a look at our logs if you want to DM me your tenant name, connection name, and the user’s email address. Outside of that it will be hard to troubleshoot as you’ve already completed the general troubleshooting steps I would have suggested.