Firebase session management on logout

I am having an issue in our dev environment in Firebase hosting. A user is able to log in with redirect and sign in and choose their organization, a successful login and exchange happens. The user then is able to logout and redirected back to the log in screen. If the user tries to login again in the same tab everything works correctly except there is no exchange in Auth0 and the user is unable to log in unless they close the tab or browser.

This cannot be recreated locally, there is no issue there.

onAuthStateChanged(async (user: any) => {
  if(user) {
    .then((result: any) => {
        // do stuff
    .catch(async (error: any) => {

  } else {

*** EDIT **** Along with the error, in the user logs I am not seeing a Success Exchange event after the successful second login attempt.

Hi @tyler.job,

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If you open DevTools and inspect the network requests, can you see what happens during the second request where there is no exchange?