Filtering users for BFP blocks and MFA registration


We are using Auth0 in combination with our own internal UserManagement system.
To this goal, we would like to have an overview of the following from the management API:

  1. all users that are inactive (haven’t logged in 6 months)
  2. users that are blocked (either permanently or through BFP)
  3. users that didn’t set up MFA.

The first one I’m able to achieve using the q parameter in the Users API.
I also see that I’m able to get a list of users who were blocked (except for the ones due to BFP).

However, would it also be possible to get the other things via that API?

I understand I’m able to return a list of users with their MFA properties and check if it’s filled or not. However, I need to do this for the whole user base (like 8k users) and I can’t that many users returned from the API. Is it possible to use the q parameter to achieve this goal and the goal of retrieving users blocked by BFP?

If not, is there any chance this will be added in the future?