Feedback on JavaScript SDK Tutorial

Feature: Feedback on the JS SDK Tutorial page (Auth0 JavaScript SDK Quickstarts: Add login to your JavaScript App)

Description: I’m going through the vanilla JS tutorial and have some feedback, plus, I’m stuck. :wink:

Issue 1

First off, it wasn’t apparent to me that the right hand side changed as you scrolled. I was on part 3, as you can see in this screen shot:

And as you can see, in the right hand side it’s still showing info on step 2. I read step 3, had no idea what code I needed to add. I was about to give up when I accidentally scrolled down a bit more which triggered the updated:

Issue 2

On step 4, you are told, " Create a login button in your application that calls loginWithRedirect() when selected.", but you aren’t given any direction on how to do this. The implication is that you add a button and you write code for the handler, but the code in the previous step had the handler already, and wanted you to use a button with a specific ID. A reader can figure this out of course, but it really should be more clear. Why not simply show the required HTML (login button, logout, profile)

Issue 3

And at this point, I’m stuck. I was able to click login. I selected Google as my login provider, was that ok? When I get back, I get errors in the console:

From what I can tell, it dies here: await auth0.handleRedirectCallback();

So, was I wrong to login w/ Google? I did a second test where I made a new user, and get the same issue when I return.

So, I figured out my third issue. When going into the Application settings, you see this:

Mine was set to POST. I changed it to None, saved, and everything worked, and as you see in the screen shot above, it won’t let me change it again, but the default experience when making an app via the tutorial had it set to POST, which won’t work. I checked the tutorial again, and I don’t see anything about configuring that.