Auth0 login button not detected by auth0 script

A button with id :login" exist on my page and shows up if queried on the console, however, the line -
const loginButton = document.getElementById(“login”);
gives an error on the console like this -
Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: loginButton is null

I cant figure out whats up.

The app loads the Auth0 lib from -

and the login part is created from the code given by auto0, which i load in the head section at the very begining with this line-

Please help,

For some reason the editor of this post does not allow an edit, or i cant find out how to do that, i had given the two lines from my code to show how the auth0 lib was being added and the editor removed it… the auth0 lib is coming form the CDN and the authentication code is in an external js file being included in the app.