[Feedback Needed πŸ‘€] Electron + Auth0

Howdy, Community!

You may have seen me involved on collecting feedback about Electron throughout different topics here. We need to update our guidance to cover the new versions of Electron elegantly. Someone has been assigned to perform the R&D and to create the guidance on the topic.

To gain a better understanding on how Electron is used in the real world and to what extent the integration with Auth0 goes, could you please share with us what your use case for Electron is, what’s your production version, how are you using or plan to use Auth0 with Electron, or anything else you may wanna share around Electron Identity :slight_smile:

Also, it would be great to learn from you what’s your preferred development workflow in Electron and any particular tools that you like to use that make such development faster along with what Best Practices you like to use :muscle:

Thank you for any feedback on this :pray: Y’all are the MVPs! :trophy:

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We are happy to work with anyone on this front! Please let us know if you have any questions :smiley: