Feature Request: Show and read custom properties on Delegated Admin Extension dashboard

Lets imagine a delegated admin can manage a custom property using the DAE dashboard. The problem is after it has been set there is no way of viewing it. Even if you use the “Change profile” action, the current value is not shown and an empty field waiting for input is shown instead.

This is especially cumbersome if the delegated admin wanted to check a custom field or wanted to edit an existing multi combo custom field. For instance if you defined a multi combo list of colors and the delegated admin needed to add an additional color to the user. The delegated admin would need to know the current list of colors before being able to add the new one to the list.

This can be perhaps improved with a “Read” hook that allows you to populate these attributes from the user context before the dashboard is loaded.

Thanks for advocating for that feature! Let’s see how many others are interested in this feature as well!