Delegated Admin Name Property

We are using the Delegated Admin dashboard and for all intents and purposes it is working, however, I want the user to be able to set the Name property upon creating a New User. As such, I have added the following (with different variations trying to get it to work) to the Settings Query:

“label”: “Name”,
“property”: “name”,
“display”: (function(user, value) { return value; }).toString(),
“create”: {
“type”: “text”
“edit”: {
“type”: “text”
“search”: true

When I click the Add User button, it shows the Name property and I can type a value in, however, when the resulting JSON saves, the name property contains the email address. If I edit the user using the full Dashboard and change the name property, the correct name appears in the Delegated Admin Dashboard. It appears that for whatever reason, it is not writing the value of the Name property from the New User dialog to the name property in the JSON. Why?

can we use another label?

The Name property is built-in. I want to be able to modify the built-in Name property and not create a new property.

Ok, got you.