Cannot change title of Delegated Admin Extension

I created a delegated-admin extension and its working well. However, I originally created it with a test Title. Now that it is ready to release, I need to change the Title, but the UI will not accept the new Title.

I go into the Auth0 Dashboard, hit Extensions, select Installed Extensions and click on the gear to configure the “Delegated Administration Dashboard” v2.6. I see a form to change values and TITLE is the second field. I edit the TITLE, click Save, and exit. When I go back in to look at values, my new value is gone and the old value is still present.

This TITLE shows up at the top of the Delegated Admin UI. That is what I must change before shipping this to customers.

Any ideas how to change the Delegated Admin UI Title and make it stick?


Changing the title in the configuration dialog box works for me. It is possible you have a browser extension (privacy / security / adblock type) that might be interfering with the interface?

I upgraded to v3.0 of the Delegated Administration Dashboard and I was able to update the title.

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