Feature request: Completely Passwordless Auth with WebAuthN, SMS and Email

Hi @dan.woda,

Are there any updates on that? Looks like quarter is passed. If it’s needed, we can raise our use case and business problem. Do you already have some specific timelines on that? We would like to see biometry as separate user identity as email, sms, or google that users can use to authenticate as they authenticate via passwordless flow for now.

Or probably I may be wrong and miss something - and it’s possible to implement passkeys without using password login for now

And also, I believe this thread is also created around an idea of giving user an ability to, on the one New Universal Page, use email, phone, and passkeys to register/login at the same time. Is that something you are considering? Our business problem is still that our users, on the SSO page, can’t choose between Email & Phone during login, we should handle that on our side. Ideally, we would like to give our users and option to login using Passkeys, Email OR Phone number.

A lot of products, using passwordless, require two identities of user during registration, so they will be able to regain access if they lose device/email. Also such products give user options to login through SMS or Email on the SSO page. That is what we are looking forward to achieve.