Feature Request: Add filtering to Users:Get Permission end point

Feature: Add filtering to Users:Get Permission endpoint

Description: Adding a filter to the endpoint (Auth0 Management API v2) that allows developers to filter the list by permission_name, resource_server_identifier etc.

Use-case: When a user has a lot of permissions (>100), a service using these permissions needs to read multiple pages of permissions in order to see them all which feels very inefficient. This means that with every action we must request N number of pages of results and process them.

An alternative solution is for Developers to keep a local cache of user permissions that are updated on a regular basis but this means that there is a potential delay in the permission being given and the system recognising that they have the permission. This delay could be avoided via the use of a webhook or similar service.

Hey there!

Thanks for filing in this feature request. Let’s see how many people from community will be interested in such addition too!