Feature Request - Ability to force MFA on tenant admins

It would be helpful if we could have a feature which allows us to force MFA usage on tenant admins when logging into the portal.

Currently there is no way of doing this and we have to manually encourage users to enable MFA, for security reasons MFA is quite important to us for admins so this would help make sure we dont have any admin accounts without MFA enabled

Hey there!

Thank you for creating this feedback card. Make sure to upvote it so that it gets as much attention from others in community as possible. We review those feedback cards on a monthly basis and will let you know once we have any updates on that front. Thank you!

My organization is interested in this feature too.

Honestly, it’s a little wild to me that this isn’t already an option. At a time when it seems like everyone is moving towards MFA options (even my grocery store now offers it), and most developer-centric services are shifting to MFA-by-default, I’m surprised a literal authentication company doesn’t have a “force MFA” toggle for people with admin access. I generally love Auth0, but this isn’t a great look IMO.

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