Feature: Disable verification e-mail just for some users on registration

Feature: We would like to use the e-mail template verification e-mail but we also would like to disable the verification e-mail only for some users on registration.

Description: If you activate the verification e-mail then this e-mail will be sent always. I didn’t find a possibility to disable this e-mail just for some users after registration.
In example you can set the field “email_verified” in a rule/action (see Email Verified for Connection via Rules - Auth0 Community) but nevertheless the user receives a verification e-mail.

Use-case: We use the database connection.
Most of the user will navigate to the signup page and registers on themself. Therefore we would like to use the normal process so that the verfication-e-mail is sent to them.
But we will also “invite” some users by e-mail (an e-mail containg something like: let’s register …) because we already have their e-mail-address. Our invitation e-mail is some kind of verification e-mail: we verified that the e-mail-address is correct. For these invited users we would like to set “email_verified” directly to true so that the verification e-mail is not sent.

Thanks for the feedback!