Can I disable e-mail verification


How can i disable e-mail verification.

I just want to user don’t have to do nothig after registration.

I sign up the user like this:

connection: AUTH_CONFIG.connection,
email: ‘…’,
password: ‘…’,
username: ‘…’

There is any property or it’s impossible?

Thank you

You can turn the verification email off in the management console:


I turned it off, but when user sign up than the user email is pending.
And cannot login, because email verification is not accepted.

So can i set manually to user email address verified?


Yes, you can manually set "email_verified": true in the user’s profile.

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Please keep in mind that if you’re doing account linking in your app, setting the email_verified property to true can open you up to security vulnerabilities. A good example of this is described in our docs: Use Verified Email in User Profiles