Failing to Login with Username, Works with email

We upgrade our service in hopes that we might be able to get expedited service, however we are still not allowed to create a ticket. Please help!

Last night we did a database migration for our site in which we decided to drop our passwords field in our users table. This is because we will rely on auth0 to do our authentication and no longer allow people to “migrate” from our old databases.

This morning several users are having trouble logging in. So we went in to your site, manage.auth0, and reset their passwords. The logs verify that the password change was a success. However logging in still fails, with a code of ‘fp’ (failed password).

I cleared out the “Custom Database Scripts” (which were no longer working), but that doesn’t seem to have fixed the issue. Please advise!

Some people are reporting having luck logging in with their email addresses rather than usernames. Not sure why this would be the case. I can provide an example of a specific client who I have verified his password works with an email address and not with a username.

@dana I have created a support ticket for us to follow this up. Please provided the requested details in the ticket.