Failed Exchange for authentication


I followed the tutorial here:
for an ionic project using Auth0.

Current logs shows that after user clicked login, it “success login” but “failed at exchange”.
“failed exchange” details are below:
“code”: “*************Um5”

Is the failure to do with callback URL?

Appreciate your input.


After a few tries, I found out that somehow the first time when I created the native application, it has the “Token Authentication EndPoint Method” set to “Post”. (this field is not changeable)

But when I created another new native application, “Token Authentication EndPoint Method” is set to “None”.

And by using the new native application, my Ionic app can sign-in successfully.

@Auth0 team, do you know what triggered “Token Authentication EndPoint Method” set to “Post” ?

Also - the failed at exchange error is very unclear what might has caused the issue. It will be great to provide more documentation & error explanation for this particular issue.