[Capacitor/React] [iOS] Redirect fail after login

Here is the quickstart I was following: Auth0 Ionic & Capacitor (React) SDK Quickstarts: Login

I’ve cloned this repository and it doesn’t really seem to work right out of the box. I’ve followed the instructions (modified auth.config.ts to utilize the correct app ID, added the callback URLs and Logout URLs to my application settings, added the allowed origins, modified the custom URL scheme in the Info tab which isn’t in the README) and running the app via the iOS simulator is not working. When I log in, the app does not redirect me anywhere, though it seems to be attempting to do so.

I’m seeing the following log in XCode:

TO JS {"url":"{redacted app ID}:\/\/{redacted domain}\/capacitor\/{redacted app ID}\/callback?

so it seems like the app is attempting to perform the redirect, but the app stays on the login page and the browser does not close. Once I manually close the browser and then click “Log in” again, it just shows a blank page in the webview.

Here is a screen recording: Screen Recording 2023-04-12...

I filed a corresponding issue on the Github repo: [React] [iOS] Redirect fail after login · Issue #538 · auth0-samples/auth0-ionic-samples · GitHub

Thank you for filing in the issue. I’m gonna share it here in the response for better visibility and gonna ping repo maintainers in a few minutes. Thank you!

It seems that Frederik laso responded there in the issue thread on GitHub

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