Facebook only allows to select "Name and profile picture" to access

Hello, I’m trying to create a login with facebook. And in my application email is a mandatory. (I know the issue that facebook users can have only phone to access it instead of email).
But in auth0 dashboard facebook application I added a checkbox to ask users for their emails. And when testing and trying to login via facebook checked the accesses and only “Name and profile picture” access is being showed and in this case facebook email doesn’t get involved and not being returned.

maybe someone had similar issue?

Hi @lukvaidemodemo,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Could you please retry the login transaction using your own Facebook Developer keys instead of the Auth0 Developer Keys when trying to authenticate using a Facebook Social Login?

Just a friendly reminder that the Auth0 development keys are intended for testing and are not recommended for Production environments.

If you require unlocking more features like enabling SSO, or federated logout, and among other features, you must configure this connection with your own keys. More information about Social Connection developer keys.

I look forward to your update on how this goes.


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