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Auth0 facebook login email issue (2)


I reported a problem regarding email when signing up here: Auth0 facebook login email issue

The problem described in the link above is still happening, now we have multiple users which were able to sign up even though no email is coming through in their auth0 profile, making our integration fail.

We have 14 users with this problem, all coming from Facebook.

Please read the above link for full description of the problem.

Hi Francesco,

we have the same issue with our Facebook integration. We believe this happens with users that deny the access to their email address.

As far as we know, there is no way to prevent this, but at most there are workarounds such as asking for the email address again at a later stage.

However, in the previous topic, you said you made the email address a mandatory field in the facebook connection configuration. Are you sure this is working as expected? Can you tell me which steps you have followed to make it so?

Hi Luca, here are the steps to (I think) set the email as mandatory field:

  • Login in auth0
  • Left menu, click Connections and then Social
  • Click on the facebook logo
  • tick “email”

Maybe I am misunderstanding the meaning of that option, but it’s definitely not working as I would expect as we are getting users who signed up with facebook but have no email in the auth0 profile (showing as (empty) on the field column in the auth0 users list, and no email field inside their profile)

Hi Francesco,

this is right on your side, but the user this way is still allowed to edit what he is going to share with your app, and remove your access to his email address.

You can reproduce it yourself: if you try to login with facebook on your app, a panel similar to this will appear:

you can click on “Edit this” and remove the email field, and you will see that then the email doesn’t get included.

This is by design from facebook and I don’t think there is any way to prevent it. You should just “adapt”, maybe by asking for the email address again, if missing, in a following step.

Hope it helps

thanks Luca, that’s clear now. There is no way of setting the email as mandatory then, if anyone from the auth0 guys could confirm this please?

I remember seeing some sites where the email was mandatory even when subscribing from Facebook, so my guess is that somehow that’s configurable.

Hi @James.Morrison, would you able to help with this issue? Thank you.

hi @konrad.sopala, are you able to help on this? thanks

Good morning @francescopeloi, I’ll work with our team and see if I can get confirmation one way or the other. Thanks!

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After confirming with Support, there is no way to stop the end user from editing the email field here as designated by Facebook. However as @luca.rossi mentioned, you can leverage a rule to prompt with an error in the event an email is not provided. Please let me know if this helps you in your endeavor @francescopeloi, thanks!

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