Auth0 facebook login email issue

We have enabled facebook as social connection and set the email as required attribute. Many users managed to subscribe and login with facebook on our app and we get their email in the auth token and auth0 user profile, but today we had a user who managed to subscribe with facebook, but in her auth0 profile the email is empty, and also no email in the token. How can this be if we set up the email as required attribute in the facebook connection configuration?

Thank you for your help.

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Hey there @francescopeloi, would you be able to recreate the scenario and send us a har file to investigate further what maybe going on? Please let me know if you have any questions working with the HAR file. Thanks!

Hi @James.Morrison, thanks for your answer. Unfortunately I can’t reproduce the problem since if I use any of my test users everything works fine. It’s just with one specific user (which we don’t own) who managed to subscribe using facebook and no email has being created on her auth0 user profile. All other facebook users have an email, and we set the email as required in the facebook auth0 social connection configuration.

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I wanted to follow up and from the look of your tenants it seems to be setup correctly to retrieve the users email via facebook auth. Moving forward, It makes it difficult to come to a definite solution if we can’t recreate the issue. I will continue to keep this topic open and will follow up the middle of next week to see if the problem has reappeared. Thanks!

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Thanks James, would it help if I give you the user which has the issue so you can maybe try to investigate more? I understand you need to reproduce but at least I can give you this which proves there is a problem somewhere.

When you a get a minute @francescopeloi can you DM me the tenant name, the example user and any other user specific details that may help us in our search and we will happily take a look. Thanks in advance!

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I wanted to follow up with you @francescopeloi to see how everything is going? Please let me know if I can be of any further help. Thank you.

Email/password login works fine though, but I really need to get the problem solved. This issue if effectively making Facebook login on Android impossible prepaidgiftbalance.

@violemaksimova1984 are you also experiencing no email coming through Facebook social connection even if you selected it as mandatory field in your auth0 configuration?

@James.Morrison I sent you a private message with the details

Hey @francescopeloi, after talking with support this may be the result of the user already consenting to the app. They recommend removing the user and forcing them to go through the signup process again. Please let me know if you have any additional questions!

Thanks for your reply @James.Morrison, but I don’t understand what “the user already consenting to the app” means? The user is a brand new user, she never subscribed before.

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After talking with our support team, this may be a case of the Facebook profile not actually having an email. Previously when you created a Facebook account way back in the day you didn’t need a email, so it may have not been present in the profile to begin with. To be more certain is it possible to reach out to the user and ask them to capture a HAR file of their signin process and send it over? This would allow us to have a better perspective on what may be occurring during the workflow. Thanks!

Unfortunately given that the email didn’t came through, we don’t have any way to contact the user.

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I’m sorry to hear that @francescopeloi, that data set would help us move forward on what may be occurring in this instance. I will keep the this topic open for a few additional weeks just in case we are able to get more details that can help the investigation.

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