Facebook and Gmail Authentification could not authentificate

Facebook and gmail authentification were working fine, but then, there’s an issue, and in the output of xCode, it says only couldnotauthentificate. If you want to take a look at my code please visit this page:

the client id and the bundle are fine and correct. I searched for the solution and I didn’t found it.

Do you see this error also on the tenant logs (the “Logs” section on the dashboard), or only successful logins there?
If you are seeing successful logins in the Auth0 side and you app keeps failing with signature errors, it looks as if the wrong Auth0 domain might be misconfigured somewhere in the app. If you were working from the quickstarts, you might want to download a new template, check if it works, and if so compare it to the non-working one.
If you are seeing unsuccessful logins also on Auth0’s side, check to see if any rule might be getting in the way.