Extensibility internal error

Hi - there were no recent changes to our app - approximately 11 hours ago I started getting Internal Server Error

  "date": "2023-03-29T19:15:40.700Z",
  "type": "f",
  "description": "Internal server error",

followed by Failed Signup: Extensibility internal error

  "date": "2023-03-29T19:15:40.665Z",
  "type": "fs",
  "description": "Extensibility internal error",

One of our developers could log in once, log out, and then hit the same error. This only started happening recently.

Using the default API Explorer Application also responds with the same error.

  "date": "2023-03-30T07:18:57.582Z",
  "type": "feccft",
  "description": "Extensibility internal error",
  "connection_id": "",
  "client_id": "frcQ2fTWLiV0UqRlLLsCrQrEs8Xbn3Km",
  "client_name": "API Explorer Application",
  "ip": "",
  "hostname": "dev-rl7kjzjpo7helwyy.uk.auth0.com",
  "user_id": "",
  "user_name": "",
  "audience": "https://dev-rl7kjzjpo7helwyy.uk.auth0.com/api/v2/",
  "scope": null,
  "log_id": "90020230330071857601268000000000000001223372036856050866",
  "_id": "90020230330071857601268000000000000001223372036856050866",
  "isMobile": false,
  "user_agent": "Other 0.0.0 / Other 0.0.0",
  "id": "90020230330071857601268000000000000001223372036856050866"

Hey there!

Hmm that’s weird. Are you able to check if the issue is still there or if it was a temporary hiccup?

Unfortunately, it’s still happening. We suspect it’s because we’re using the UK beta region and we’ve hit 1000 MTM tokens this month. We’re creating a new tenant now to test.

Okay gotchya! Let me know how it goes!