API Error Internal Server Error 500


We suddenly started to get Error 500 Internal Server Error on Thursday 18th Feb 2021 when trying to get an auth token. There were no code changes and when we tried to make a call through postman you can see the response below:

Upon trying to go into the API Management section and check everything, we can get a token there either it displays the message below:

I’ve submitted a support ticket on Friday but no one has responded.

Hi @jamie,

In your tenant logs I see “ExtensibilityImplementationError on credentials-exchange: Script generated an unhandled asynchronous exception.”, which seems to be the issue, since you mention client_credentials in your message.

There might be an issue with its logic. Can you try disabling the hook and checking if the error goes away? You
can also try the Realtime Webtask Logs Extension to check: Real-time Webtask Logs


We checked the hook and it was throwing an error when if there is no client appdata, we changed the logic for this check and it seems to pass through correctly now.


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