Exporting/Importing Universal Login Experience Branding Values with Deploy CLI

Hi :wave:

My team is trying to use the Deploy CLI to copy our new universal login branding between our dev/stage/prod tenants.

We have custom colors/fonts/etc set up like:

The issue is that these values are nowhere to be found in a deploy CLI export. Here is the branding section the export spits out via the Deploy CLI:

    page_background: '#000000'
    primary: '#635dff'
  logo_url: our_logo_url
  templates: []

That’s it. I would expect the export to contain values for all the custom colors, fonts, borders, widgets, and page background settings corresponding to the tabs in the UI.

The primary color here isn’t even one that exists on the customization page above. It’s just the default auth0 blue and isn’t being used afaik. The background color here is also different than the background color we’ve set on the “Page Background” tab.

Am I missing something?

Thanks in advanced for any help :grin: