Expiry time for email verificaiton links


At Verify Emails using Auth0 it details that you can create an email verification link using the API action at Auth0 Management API v2

Can I ask, how long does that link which gets created stay valid before expiring? Or are there any actions that lead to it expiring?


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I have same problem.
taking this question even further. When we are calling the organization invitation API i can see that i have hundreds of invitations, how can i create a TTL for this invitations on the auth0 side as well?

The default appears to be 5 days. It’s unfortunate that the default email template doesn’t tell readers how long they have.

In theory this is the page with the documentation:

Customize Email Templates
https://auth0.com › Docs › Customize › Customize Emails

By default, the lifetime is 432,000 seconds (five days). If users click on an expired link and a Redirect To URL is configured, they will be redirected to the …