Examples of Machine to Machine flow in .NET Core?

Did anyone have the chance to implemente the flow from .net core using and HTTPMessageHandler to nicely delegate getting and refreshing the token? I’d like to see an example.
Also, is there any up to date library for hitting the authentication API? Everything I managed to find was either very old or from a third party

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Hey! Thanks for reaching out.
I still think it would be great to have an example or to have a library that would solve this for us.
At the moment I have implemented it using RestSharp but I’m getting a new token every time I need to hit my API. That will give me some problems when we hit the limit.
I’m planning to store it in a singleton and try to use it before getting a new token.
I just wished that whole muting was encapsulated for us in a nuget package.

Did I miss something? Maybe something new appeared since February. I didn’t check again.

No worries! Here for you!