EU tenant data storage location in California?

We have told our customers that Auth0 processes all of our EU tenant data inside the EU. We now have a question from a customer, who claims that we are processing data in the US. When geolocating the URL used for our EU production tenants, they point to California (or Canada).

Can you explain the situation, why does geolocation indicate that our EU tenant is located in California?

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Thanks for posting your question. First of all, I can ensure that the tenants of are indeed hosted in the EU.

In terms of URL geolocation, it’s due to Cloudflare Anycast IPs, so while an IP might have a geolocation of California, that does not mean that the server is in California.

In the context of a CDN, Anycast typically routes incoming traffic to the nearest data center with the capacity to process the request efficiently.

I assume those IPs just happen to be registered at certain locations in databases because of where they were looked up from or ownership of the IP blocks, but it’s not very indicative of how traffic will be routed to the tenant because it’s very dynamic based on the location of the user.

I hope this message will answer your question.

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Thanks for your response, Dawid!

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