Error: You should not be hitting this endpoint

I have a web application using Angular 1.5 as the front end framework. I use angular-auth0 client library for the authentication. It works fine and have had relatively no issues except for this one

One of my customers recetly has started seeing this error “You should not be hitting this endpoint” refer to the attached picture for more details.

Also I have attached the HAR file for more information.

Can someone please help me out with this

Hi there again @huzefa.yousuf, let me take a look and see what I can find. Thanks!

Thanks @James.Morrison appreciate that

I see the "You should not be hitting this endpoint” error you are talking about in the HAR. Can you direct message me the username or email associated with the user experiencing the issue? Do you have any active rules that could be triggering the direction of this user? Thanks!

After spending sometime looking at this with our Support team, we’ve come to the conclusion that we are going to generate a case for this to get a closer inspection on what may be occurring. You should be notified by email once that case is created.

I will continue to keep this thread open until we are able to conclude the case. Thank you.

Thanks James

Can I get clarification on the following

  • What exactly is it meant by a case and who will be looking into it ?
  • How long does it usually take to resolve such cases and what sort of priority do you have on them
  • How will I get notified of the progress

I need to be able to clarified on the above points so I can update my client in the right direction and also help somebody else if they face such an issue

Our Engineering Support Team is looking into the intermittent You should not be hitting this endpoint error you mentioned.

I am unable to quote a time frame on this subject but will share details as they emerge.

This will be done through email as things progress.


@James.Morrison any updates on this ?
I havent recieved any emails or notifications in relation to this

Hi @huzefa.yousuf I just CCed you on the support case.
In any case, I’ll copy the response here since it might be helpful to others facing this:

There seems to be a DNS error. There’s a special file,<CLIENT_ID>.js, that Lock loads on startup to get information about the application (such as title, enabled connections, and so on). This file resides on our CDN (, or depending on the tenant’s region) but, on some requests, it seems as if the user’s browser is not getting the proper IP for the subdomain and is instead going directly to our main server at, causing this error message.

I saw, in our internal logs, that all these failed requests seem to come from a single IP ( IP address. I suggested resetting the DNS cache to see if that improves things.Also have the user try the same flow from a different computer.

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Following up on this @huzefa.yousuf and seeing if the above recommendation helped drive a solution? Thanks!

It works intermittently as described by the end user but does not resolve completely

Is there any additional details we can snag from the end user that may help in narrowing down or assisting further?

If there Is anything specific I can provide from the end user’s machine then please let me know

Can we get a HAR of the latest occurrence when they get a chance? Thanks!

This was tracked down as an issue with DNS resolution on one specific computer.

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