Error while calling resend email verification api before user can log in

I want to have the users to verify their emails before the user can actually log in. I added the following to the post login action to redirect them to a page on my app.

exports.onExecutePostLogin = async (event, api) => {
  if (!event.user.email_verified) {
    // Craft a signed session token
    const token = api.redirect.encodeToken({
      secret: event.secrets.MY_REDIRECT_SECRET,
      expiresInSeconds: 60,
      payload: {
        continue_uri: `https://${YOUR_AUTH0_DOMAIN}/continue`
    api.redirect.sendUserTo("http://localhost:4200/verify", {
      query: { session_token: token }

After they are redirected to my Angular page, they will see this a button, and after they click it will call the api to trigger resend verification email

    ngOnInit() {
        this.activatedRoute.queryParamMap.subscribe(params => {
            if (params.get('session_token')) {
                this.userId =  this.getDecodedAccessToken(params.get('session_token')).sub;  
    private getDecodedAccessToken(token: any):any {
        try {
            const obj = jwt_decode(token);
            return obj;
        catch(Error) {
            return null;
    resendEmailVerification() {
        this.managementService.resendVerificationEmail({user_id: this.userId}).subscribe({
            next: (result) => {

I was able to get the userId and parse the session token successfully, but when the api is called, it get the following error:

Any idea why this is happening?