Error when logging in with organization .NET 6

I have an organization setup that has a AAD and regular database connection. When redirecting to the organizations login page, I made sure to pass the Organization parameter with the ID. When logging in using an account in either connections is complete I get the following error after redirect:

“OpenIdConnectProtocolException: Message contains error: ‘access_denied’, error_description: ‘Cannot read property ‘organization_uuid’ of null’, error_uri: ‘error_uri is null’.”

I don’t understand what I have forgotten to setup in either the dashboard or in code. I am using a .NET 6 application using the Auth0 authentication NuGet package.

The problem was not directly relevant to an Auth0 problem but a custom Auth pipeline Rule that our administators added to the dashboard. This has been solved.

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Glad you have figured it out and thanks for sharing with the rest of community!