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Error when hitting back button from SSO and trying to login via Email/Password



I have SSO enabled on my Auth0 widget via Google. I’ve come across a bug that occurs when a user clicks the “LOG IN WITH GOOGLE” button then hits the back button(to go back to the lock screen) and attempts to login via Email/Password.

This causes an error page to be displayed:

Is anyone aware of a way around this? Our app is currently in production, so we’re looking to get this fixed pretty quickly.

Thanks in advance!


I believe this is expected behavior. Due to the way the authentication process works, there are some intermediate steps which are not repeatable - The user going back in history leads to an attempt to repeat one of those intermediate steps and the current behaviour is to throw the error. A user attempting to open this bookmark to login will experience the issue as well. We could handle the error on the client side and display a message to the user and present the option to log in again. I believe this is something that has come up before and is being worked on to devise a better solution/handling, but at this time I do not have an ETA on that.

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