Error using SMAL2.0

New to Auth0, first-time posting. Myself and web developer have inherited this platform from another developer that is out of business. We changed the site but kept his work in Auth0.

No work was done on the site between having issues with one of the SSO providers we use using, SAML2.0 specifically. This is what we received as an error

invalid_request : No attribute was found to generate the nameIdentifier. We tried with: UserID, email

Located the SAML module on the Single Page App, confirmed the application callback URL was correct.

HAs there been any changes in Auth0 between yesterday and today? Any suggestions on the best way to track down this issue?

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Hi @support14,

Thank you for joining the Community!

Our team is currently working to resolve the problem which seems to be related to the SAML add-on. Iā€™m sorry for any inconvenience this has caused! You can see updates on the Status Page here: SAML add-ons may not work correctly for some customers ā€¢ Auth0 Status Page

Update: The fix has been deployed, and the SAML add-on should be working now. Let us know if you experience any trouble!

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Thank you. Everything seems to be working OK this morning.

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