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Error Response: 'Failed to verify code verifier' from server


I use following approach for social sign in.

            .withScope("openid profile email offline_access")
            .start(activity, webCallback);

After sign in i get code in my activity by doing following.

    if (getIntent().getData() != null) {
       String code= getIntent().getData().getQueryParameter("code");


Till now everything is good, now i need code_verifier. I am using following approach to get code_verifier.

    SecureRandom sr = new SecureRandom();
    byte[] code = new byte[32];
    String verifier = Base64.encodeToString(code, Base64.URL_SAFE | Base64.NO_WRAP | Base64.NO_PADDING);
    return verifier;

but when i pass the code with code_verifier, i get following response from server.

code=400, message=Failed to verify code verifier,

Please guide me how to pass correct code_verifier