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How to get code and code verifier in java objects?


After successful login from social account i.e google, i get following result in console.

D/OkHttp: {“code”:“jG-asd3df”,“redirect_uri”: “adasd”, “code_verifier”:“asdae3fd”}

Is there any way possible i can get these fields code and code_verifier in java objects.

The Credentials method does not have these fields.

Is there some other way to get code and code_verifier. Please guide me.

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Hi there @Naofilms, this document we have on Authorization Code Grant Flow with PKCE dives into leveraging the code and code_verifier. Please let me know if this helps you in your quest or if I can help in any additional way, thanks!


@James.Morrison Thanks for this document, i understand the process of creating code_verifier but i am using AuthCallback to initiate the request.

            .withScope("openid profile email offline_access read:current_user update:current_user_metadata")
            .start(activity, webCallback);

In return i get response in Credentials class, the credentials class does not know about code_verifier and code.

Although in logs i can see code_verifier and code received from social sign in response.

Please guide me that what should be my next step after getting response from WebAuthProvider, or should i need to make custom request to the browser without using SDK to get code_verifier and code


After checking with our team, the goal is to have the library perform the authentication and handle the PKCE flow itself. You will never receive the code and code-verifier values as those are part of the middle step. The library will handle the tokens in the Credentials object directly to you via the callback you passed on the call. Please let me know if you have any questions, thanks!

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