Error redeeming code: Unauthorized / no description

I am using a Xmarin client. I followed the instructions for the Facebook setup. I have it working through the Auth0 portal (via the “try” button) . In my client, I execute this code with the appropriate schema :
var loginResult = await client.LoginAsync();

The loginResult.IsError is always “true”. The error is “Error redeeming code: Unauthorized / no description”. I have no other information in the class. I must be doing something wrong with the app bundle id and the URL handler in the app delegate. I have not seen anything on line about this…

Hi, did you solved this problem?

Did you solved this problem?

The Unauthorized error during an authorization code exchange suggests that the client application failed to perform client authentication (did not provide the client secret or provided an incorrect one).

However, a Xamarin application would be a native application and as such it would not make sense to include the client secret in the binaries as the secret could be obtained by anyone. In this case, you need to ensure that the client application is correctly configured in the Auth0 dashboard. In particular, the Token Endpoint Authentication Method should be set to None as the application is unable to perform client authentication. If you set the client type to be Native then the previous setting should automatically be set to None.